Superbowl Commercials

Can’t Wait? to Catch the Superbowl Commercials. Every Years they brought some interesting stuff. Super Bowl XLII, the 42nd annual edition of the Super Bowl in American football, will determine the champion of the National Football League (NFL) following the 2007 regular season. The match will take place on February 3rd at Phoenix University Stadium (Arizona) where New England's Patriots and New York's Giants will be opposite. It will be diffused on Sunday night. In the United States, this final is the occasion for the advertisers to show their ads, they spend several million dollars for a few seconds of spot during the cuts in the match.

To begin Pepsi and with a first spot of publicity with Justin Timberlake proposes to us! The American singer hurts himself to lead to each mouthful of Pepsi.

This publicity “Magnetic Attraction and created by BBDO New York, proposes the site “Pepsi Stuff” since more than 4 billion Pepsi products will be labelled with points which it will be necessary to collect, and which could be exchanged against purchases later on Amazon MP3.

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