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d23.disney.go.com - What is D23? Disney 23 is the official community website for Disney fans! Are you 23? was the mysterious question beyond this campaign at disney.com/23! D23 teaser campaign began in the early days of 2009 and was a great mystery. There have been many rumors by Disney's fans about this campaign. The Disney D23 Team compared it to the DaVinci Code Quest! Why 23? What was the meaning behind this D23 campaign? Disney Quote:''A fan posted a magical moment in time from the "Are You 23?" teaser page on a popular Disney blogging site. He (or she) is totally 23! - It all began when a JPEG of an "Are you 23?" poster unexpectedly appeared on LaughingPlace.com" I don't fully understand... but this was the start of this new Disney Adventure and fully dedicated to their fans. Because D23 Web site is an online experience trully dedicated to Walt Disney Company most important asset ... their fans! Fans and Members will find at this www.disney.com/23 address the Disney latest breaking news, press releases , boutique - merchandise and collectibles, access to photos and videos from every part of The Walt Disney Company. And for the first time ever, Disney will open the doors to give to members access to the fabulous and so fullfill of treasures of Disney history the Walt Disney Archives. WOW! great pleasure!

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Disney.com/D23 what a great idea from Disney company!

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