Secrets of the Knights Templar

The Knights Templar were the people who had taken the oath of poverty and were the Medieval Christian Order military. They sacrificed their life and devoted it completely for their religion without the desire of all worldly splendors and they just wanted to protect the holy city without any selfish reasons. But later on they were charged with heresy and sexual misconduct but the secret still was unknown until know when nearly after 700 years the Vatican has released documents.

Proofed Documents are being released by the Vatican and simply has an authorities stamp for the entire project. Scholars have never come across any such documents in the past and this is surely going to be the first time that this is going to happen. Already 799 copies have been made and Pope Benedict will be given the first set of work that has been published by the Vatican Secret Archives.

Italy’s Scrinium cultural foundation aced as a curator and with collaboration of the Vatican Secret Archives has published and also has the exclusive world distribution rights.

The Templar’s were known as the Poor Fellows of Christ and The king Solomon's Temple and they were founded in 1119 and they were sworn to protect the pilgrims who went to visit the Holy City of Jerusalem which was captured after the Crusade. There are many legends of their hidden treasure that have also been filmed in many films like the Da Vinci Code. The Templar’s have also said to guard the cup in which it is said that the Christ had his holy supper before his crucifixion.

The Templar’s declined after the Muslims were victorious and had captured the Holy City. The offences against the templar’s in these documents is really very titillating as they are charged to have denied Christ and Have said to Worship idols in secret and they are also charged with heresy . The charges were made by King Philip of France and he had different reasons that are said to be beneficial to him with no sound proof.

The templar’s were burned alive and it is said to believe that they had given confessions but they were said to be under pressure. The Parchment was misplaced and has recently been founded in the year 2001 when Frale suddenly stumbled on it. The document stated that King Philip was very thankful to the templar who had helped finance the wars and to get out of his debts he accused and punished some of them literally by burning them alive. Pope Clement was convinced that the Templar may have sinned but it was definitely nothing to do with heresy.

The Templar’s were accused of sitting on the cross. Pope Clement was convinced that the Templar’s had definitely not and grave sin such as this but he still banned them for the good of the church and he believed that they may have done other sinful acts.

The original document will make it easy to deflate legends that have no sound proof and the truth will come our soon.

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