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iCarly Nickelodeon - It did not take Nickelodeon too long to realize this show is going to be a hit! And they hardly knew that they will see hype in the production of this show. So what is iCarly? Nickelodeon answers this question through the executive producer of this show – the indisputable Dan Schneider. He happens to be the guy who introduced hits like Drake & Josh. The way he puts it… “the whole storyline revolves around how Carly, Sam along with Freddie manage to get started with their Web show – iCarly.”

iCarly Nickelodeon stars one of a kind stars like Miranda Cosgrove who’s just made a fresh start with her on Drake and Josh. This cast has been rounded out by the one and only Jennette McCurdy as she’s playing the best friend of Carly – Sam. On the other hand, Nathan Kress is playing the techno geek. And finally, Freddie and Jerry Trainor are playing the elder brother of Carly. The latter guy is already famous for the role he played as Crazy Steve on the hit Drake & Josh.
The show goes like this… Sam took her teacher's head to Photoshop it on the body of a huge rhinoceros. When Ms. Briggs, the teacher, finds this out she’s fuming like anything. But Carly takes all the blame, as Sam could’ve been readily expelled from the school for her bad record.

As a penalty the teacher makes Carly come to school on Saturday for carrying out all the auditions of the school's talent show. Nevertheless, Carly tool Sam with her since it was her fault. Then poor old lovesick Freddie also agreed to help her tape all the auditions only to get the chance to stay close to Carly. Unfortunately, many of those auditions turned out to be absolutely lame. But there have been a few exceptions, though! Getting bored, the guy instead started taping Carly and Sam making fun of the teacher.

Later on Freddie, instead of downloading these auditions to the Web show, ended up showing that clip! And before they could take it down, around 23,000 viewers saw it. And people came along describing how much they liked it. That’s how they got the inspiration to make their own web show – iCarly! So are you still asking “what is iCarly?” Nickelodeon channel would be the best place to get more comprehensive answer!

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