Best Mobile Phone on the Market ?

Before you run off to buy the sleek model that has come into the market, maybe you already have the best mobile phone on the market and you do not know it. Therefore, it is important to find out what criteria is used to judge mobile phones and see whether what you have right now fulfills part of the criteria.

One thing that proponents and critics alike agree on is that the best cell phone has the most features packed in it and that a cell phone that can only send messages and receive calls is an ancient variety that is best left alone. Technology has lived up to its name of obsolescence where what is fashionable today is quickly replaced by another gadget tomorrow making today’s product obsolete.

Even the critics agree, albeit grudgingly, that smart phones have taken the lead in the search for the best mobile phone on the market. Smart phones are many and it is not a domain of the Apple iPhone only.  The thing that happened is that it was the one smart phone that received a lot of media hype when it was launched. The best mobile phone has to have a large memory and some of the many in the market today have at least an overwhelming 8GB. Another thing to look out for is the high resolution screen, the camera and, of course, compatibility with the popular social networking sites. Look out also for a phone that has the GPS feature inbuilt so that you can keep a record of all your travels, wherever you traverse at any time. You will also look out for an internet enabled phone that can allow you to read and send email fast.

There is no one good way of defining the best mobile phone on the market. What any buyer should do is to first determine what his needs are, and then go buy what suits your preferences.

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