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Disney channel.com - Disney channel movies are films that have being in broadcast on the Disney channel and the U.S. cable network since the launching of the Disney services in 1983. During its launch the Disney channel movies were listed as Disney channel premiere films then later changed to become the Disney channel original movies. Apart of its name, the techniques of production about the Disney channel movies has also evolved from VHS, DVD to Blu-ray; also the quality of the Disney channel movies has increased greatly form the first Disney channel movies produced in 1983 to the ones that will be aired in 2011. 

Some of the Disney channel movies that were produced in the 1980s and 1990s include Tiger Town, Snow White, The Blue Yonder, Fluppy Dogs, The Christmas Visitor, Rock N Roll Mum, The Little Kidnappers, Perfect Harmony, Still Not Quite Human, Hocus Pocus, The Ernest Green Story, The Whipping Boy, On Promised Land, The Four Diamonds, Escape to Witch Mountain, The Little Riders, Susie Q, The Paper Brigade, You Lucky Dog, Don’t Look Under The Bed amongst others while the other types of Disney channel movies that were produced in the 2000s up to now include The Ultimate Christmas Present, Jumping Ship, Get A Clue, The Even Stevens Movie, Stuck in the Suburbs, The Proud Family Movie, Star Struck including movies like Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure and The Suite Life Movie that will be produced in 2011.

Amongst these movies there has being the ranking about Disney channel movies that have set a record the highest number of viewers. Some these high ranked Disney channel movies include High School Musical 2, The Wizards of Waverly Place, Camp Rock, The Cheetah Girls, Twitches, Halloween town and the Zenon trilogy. So look out for these exciting and entertaining movies and be aware of the ones are no longer broadcast by the Disney channel; they are usually marked by *.

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