Voynich Manuscript Mystery

One of the most mysterious manuscript of the world; a handwritten book called The Voynich manuscript is making the news today. I remember reading about the Voynich text when I was in High School. This book is written in an unknown language and has never been deciphered. Though this 234 pages book still remain a mystery today, specialists from the University of Arizona UA  using radiocarbon dating have found that the Voynich manuscript, was written in the 15th century more precisely between 1404 to 1438. The book take its name from one of its former owners, Wilfrid Voynich, which acquired it in 1912. Since 1969, the manuscript is kept at the Beinecke Library of the Yale university. Almost all the pages of the manuscript contain at least an illustration. The illustrations represent enigmatic drawings, unknown flowers, unknown plants, unknown zodiac, women which take their baths in strange pipes… Really bizarre. Some People have speculated that this manuscript contain alien text....? What do you think?

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