Enigmatic Vampire Skeletons Discovered in Bulgaria

Two enigmatic skeletons from the end of the medieval era, speared in the chest with pieces of iron stake in a way in which a vampire would be felled. So they can not transform into vampires. Those enigmatic human skeletal remains were recently discovered in the Bulgarian city of Sozopol, on the Black Sea.
According to European pagan belief, dead people which when they were alive were regarded as evil or bad people were speared in the middle of their chest direct through their heart, the evening of their burial, with a wooden or Iron stake. They were nailed within their coffin and prevented their body from leaving their eternal rest place at midnight, so they can transformed into vampires at night. According to expert in this field, more than hundreds of identical human skeletal remains or vampire skeletons were already found in Bulgaria over the last years. Vampire stories have always filled our imaginary and those kind of story really tease our curiosity...

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