Mustek DV5300se great deal

The Mustek DV5300se is an excellent compromise and great alternative between photo camera and video camera. With functionality out of the common, a size of 10x4x8 cm and a featherweight of 130g, it slips easily into the luggage and becomes your more faithful accessory for your memories and souvenirs. A maximum resolution of 5 M pixel for the part camera, a sensor of 3 Mpixel CMOS will make it possible to take photographs of great quality. A screen TFT of 1.5 inch, a resolution of 30images/seconde guarantee a easiest use in video camera mode, Its memory of 32MB can be increased by the insertion of SD/MMC memory card. The DV5300SE has the function balances white and all the panoply of the numerical effects available on the top of cameras. With a USB port , an AV out and an ear-phones out, Mustek DV5300se has all the interfaces necessary to make a top-of-the-range general-purpose digital camera. Best price Amazon $64.17

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