Facts about Twilight Saga: Eclipse Movie

What’s the big hype about the Twilight Saga: Eclipse movie? Well, this is a sequel of the former Saga hits. The bottom line is that, in terms of genre, this is a romantic-fantasy film scheduled to be released on the last week of 2010. The whole movie revolves around Eclipse of Stephanie Meyer. So this is in fact the 3rd one among the super hit series of The Twilight Saga films. The first film Twilight was released in year 2008. Next year came the second one – New Moon.

However, we were just talking about the Twilight Saga: Eclipse movie, right? The director David Slade, had Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, along with Taylor Lautner to star in the film. The three reprises the roles of Bella, Edward, and Jacob, respectively. The scripts of this movie were penned by Melissa Rosenberg. She was the wiring hand behind the scene for the other two movies - Twilight and New Moon. The success of these two movies got her the job in the third one too.

The filming of this movie started in mid August last year at Vancouver Film Studios. They got the whole job done within just two months – in late October. And not surprisingly, post-production got started early on the next month. There were some scheduling conflicts, though. And this made Bryce Dallas Howard to play Victoria, as she replaced Rachelle Lefevre who formerly played her. And the exiting news for movie enthusiasts is that, it’s going to be among the first ever movies that were released in IMAX.

And the plot about the Twilight Saga: Eclipse movie is fairly appealing. It all begins when Seattle gets devastated by a bunch of unexplained killings and a mean vampire keeps charging for revenge. So, Bella finds herself in trouble. Meanwhile, she’s compelled to choose between Edward – her love and Jacob – her friend. That’s because her decision has a lot to do with the everlasting fight between the vampire and the werewolf. As her graduation is also approaching, Bella also has to choose between life or death. 

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