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Disney movie Rewards - Disney Movies DVD have always been a favorite of children and adults. Even today you find adults and older people enjoying a rerun of Bambi or Cinderella with their children or alone. These movies are made with great care and ultimate technology and they are remade and reprinted every time new technology is introduced. Watching Disney movies now has another satisfaction to give you and this the Disney Movie Rewards program.

The Disney Movie Rewards program (www.disneymovierewards.com) was designed by Disney to give their faithful watchers some incentive to continue watching and buying their movies and shows. To become a part of it you or your child must go to the Disney Movie Rewards website and register so you can get all the benefits and opportunities it has to give. Some restrictions apply, for example if your child is the one who will register he must be over thirteen years old and must have parental consent. You or your child must also be residents of the United States or Canada, if you do not live there, do not worry soon other countries will be allowed to participate.

Here is how the Disney Movie rewards program works, when you buy a Disney movie online or in a store you must make sure that the movie is participating in the program. Inside the box you will find an identification number that you must add to your account on the program website. When the number is recorded and verified you will receive a certain number of Disney points for this Disney Movies DVD. As your Disney Movie Rewards points increase you will be able to use them to purchase products in the Disney online store or any physical store you care to go to. It is as simple as that, the more movies you buy, the more points you will have to buy whatever you want from the store. disneymovie rewards.com

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