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Your Internet professional profile ! Did you already try to type your name on an search engine ? Perhaps will you be flattered, even surprised with the results. However, this online notoriety can play you some nasty tricks. A good number of recruiters, also like to play the game with the name of a new job candidate, they simply google it. In the United States, nearly 80% of the recruiters use search engines to carry out an additional information on their new job candidate.

Ziggs from ziggs.com offers you your free professional profile (more than 3 million users) proposes you to Take Control of Your Online Image. Ziggs.com helping you get the best out of the Web in one convenient spot. claim your name before someone else does, get yourownname.com . And Track Visits to Your Ziggs Profile. With Ziggs you can have the control on your cyber-reputation.

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Anonymous said...

ziggs.com seems to be down right now !

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