Catherine Archipelago Alaska

If you're like me, you,re probably searching the Internet about a place you just heard of on the news Tonight. They were talking about Alaska and they mentioned a place called the Catherine Archipelago Alaska. I found that The Catherine Archipelago is also known as the ALEUTIAN ISLANDS, a groups of Islands, around 150 mostly volcanic little islands and occupying a surface of approximately 3000 miles square along the Russian American borders and form like a Peninsula separating the Bering Sea from the Pacific Ocean. It's made of four island groups witch are a continuation of the continental Aleutian mountain range. One of these Volcanic Mountains is the Korovin Volcano, near the northern edge of the island, it has the highest elevation on the island 5030 feet and has the most eruptive volcanic activity. Wondering why it was in the news tonight, well Republican Sarah Palin mentioned it in an interview on the CBS Channel News, she was talking about Russian border near Alaska.


Catherine Archipelago Alaska,
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