iCarly.com website review

The Nickelodeon channel has a number of top rated television shows like Hannah Montana, Sonny with a Chance and iCarly. This is a show that revolves around Carly, a young girl that produces content for her website, iCarly.Com. She has a co-host on her website, Samantha who is also her best friend. Her neighbor, Freddie, is a producer of the online show. The show has spun over 4 seasons, a video game and even an actual website. Here are some facts about iCarly.Com.

You will find the interesting thing about iCarly.Com website links that all have the letter ‘I’ in front of the link names. For example, there is iBlogs where people post their thoughts and everyone has a chance to comment. iSnaps and iVideo are perfect to upload and view pictures as well as watching extra clips from the show and other sources and you will be able to like them. The iNews link leads you to a page where you can receive breaking news from Carly herself. iPlay lets you play a number of iCarly themed games which can let you interact with the show. iSongs allows you to listen to songs that iCarly likes at any time you please. There is also a link to send iCarly your interesting articles and stuff with the best being posted on the site.

Another good thing about iCarly.Com is that the site is colorful, easy to use, well labeled and is also animated to enjoy at any time. You will get to enjoy an extra slice of the world of iCarly through the various activities and posts on the site.


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