What is the Chupacabra ?

Chupacabra was first found in Puerto Rico and it basically is a heavy creature that looks a lot like a small bear. It’s body starting from the very nape of the neck to down the tail is covered with quills however unlike a bear Chupacabra is not hairy in fact it is completely hairless which makes its skin smoother looking. The claws are huge and it is sort of grey green in color. Reportedly is has been found that they are most commonly about 3 to 4 feet high and since the hop it makes them quite like kangaroos. You can also sat that Chupacabra is a mix of three animals lizard, rodent ans canine, one way or another it resembles each of them.

As mentioned before the first Chupacabra was found for the very first time not so long ago it was in 1987 in Puerto Rico. Time after time they have also been associated with South Africa, Chile and Russia.

For those of you had no idea of what is the chupacabra you might also want to know what exactly does the word chupacabra means. Well it is Spanish word which means goat sucker and the reason this creature is called Chupacabra is because is lives on the blood of livestock. It mostly preys upon animals such as goats, chickens, sheep, birds, horses etc. 

So far scientists are unable to classify the species in a specific group reason being that this is simply an unknown bread which so far is kind of hard to figure out. Some people also relate the Chupacabra to be an urban legend because this is very strange looking creature which is very hard to identify as a specific type.Its existence is still a mystery and yet to be deicded. 

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