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Speedyrewards.com - This URL address just hit the top of search today on Google Search. What is www speedyrewards com ? Well took me a while to get on their website (slow server or too much traffic ) anyway I wanted to know why this online buzz about Speedway.com Finally It's a Speedy Rewards on Gas prices where if you register your membership you can earn points. They say on their website that you will instantly begin earning points towards gasoline discounts (where applicable) and/or free merchandise , as well as coupons for valuable savings just for using your Speedy Rewards membership card inside the store or at the pump. I found this website program really interesting and did register to try it, it's like the Air miles program. I will wrote an update on this gas reward credit cards later, to give you my impression on this Speedyrewards. Update: I've been using it for a few months now and I just love it! I was just wondering if I still swipe my speedy rewards card if I am using the Chase Mastercard Speedy Gas Rewards Credit Card? I did find my answer and taught I share it with you! So the answer is, You'll still earn your Chase points even if you only use your Chase card. Just make sure Chase has your Speedy Rewards card number so you'll earn the points.

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Anonymous said...

I love speedyrewards.com program! I earn points every time I shop at Speedway or SuperAmerica stores. Help me save on gas.

Anonymous said...

Speedy rewards.com is really great, I just received coupons in the mail from Club Coupon speedyrewards for saving on gas.

Anonymous said...

www.Speedyrewards.com is great I also received my coupons yesterday for saving on gas

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