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WhatsBehindTheWall.com is a new website all about The Tunnel, from the Atlantic Ave tunnel filmmakers. The realization of a movie about a intriguing tunnel beneath New York City. This mysterious tunnel was found by Mr. Bob Diamond a few decades ago. Mr. Diamond’s passion for the project has drawn the interest of a movie director named Trey Nelson. The mystery surrounding this Brooklyn tunnel is amazing. If this is true this can be the most amazing discovery of American history! The people involve in this quest claim that the space behind the wall at the end of this tunnel is a amazing time capsule. This place just beneath Brooklyn New-York City contains hidden treasures and mysteries about John Wilkes Booth, also the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, the missing pages of John Wilkes Booth's diary that list the conspirators involved in Abraham Lincoln's death, and a perfectly preserved train locomotive from the 18th century. An amazing story! All that mystery of American history right under the streets of Brooklyn! The filmmakers are raising money from the public to finish the filming and research. For more Information about The Tunnel movie go to www.WhatsBehindTheWall.com

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Amazing story one man's dream and WhatsBehindTheWall.com

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