The All-American Patriot: GI Joe is back with the Rise of the Cobra

The much awaited American movie with the “GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra” has been back in action this summer soon after the emergence of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The movie was expected to make a punch in the face of Transformers with director Stephen Sommers making up the comic book hero from Hasbro ( a real life character once again. Though the movie remains in the Top 10 Box office hits the movie aces a lot more criticism than its appreciation with most of the people who share their views online and around theatres after watching the movie.

All the criticism we’ll save for the latter while we take an insight look with what’s so hit in the big movie. According to the story line, GI Joe is a member of one of the elite groups who are specialized at their work and with all team members known as Joes. In the movie their rival Destro(Christopher Eccleston) the Scottish weapons dealer and manufacturer looks out for the latest technology that he could use to take over the world by the advent of another world war. GI Joe’s team consisting of tough guys and some super ninjas become the guardian to the nanomite missiles that are to be placed in the hands of the UN. They try their best to take their merchandise to the UN and keep it away from all evil villains as these chemicals have the ability to destroy everything in the world.

In the meantime, the villains of the movie try their best to get control of these missiles and take control of them at any cost. They may even burn down jungles and whatever comes in their way. Most of the scenes revolve around Paris and the Eiffel tower in particular where they try their best to protect the chemical warfare for becoming the reason for the world’s destruction.

One concept that director Stephen Sommers thought would turn up to be a great zeal for the audience was the Obama side of the story. It is as he reported d in one of his statements that their movie is not the conventional Bush movie but sets out with Obama as the president of America. However, this turned out to be no such attraction when checked among the audience as the audience always wanted to see their action pack cartoon hero to help keep the world safe.

The core characters for this movie too had been the same ones including the popular snake eyes, Duke, Scarlett, Baroness, Storm Shadow and the Destros and the cobra men of the dark side of the world. The movie showed immense efforts of the director trying to uproot the traditional cartoon characters and turn them into real life heroes. But the graphics, the sound and the imagery in the movie had a lot of flaws and imperfections in many scenes where they could sometimes improve with lighting or making the sounds more audible.

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