- iFight Shelby Marx - iFight Shelby Marx. Check this website for great sensation! Because it's iFight week on iCarly, yes Carly goes into the ring for a great fight. For the first ever in one corner of the ring you'll see the lovely Miranda Cosgrove ( Web Show) opposing her guest star the one and only Victoria Justice (Lola Martinez on Zoey 101). I wonder who will win? I think Carly took some Martial Art lessons. lol! Don't miss this special MMA show on Nickelodeon. This special show will be on TV August 8 at 8PM/7c. Until then go to for great free stuff like wallpapers, online games and videos. Icarly iFight Shelby Marx that will be awesome! BTW I forgot to mention that you can also vote for your favorite for this special fight at Nick iFight official website.

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Rebecca said... - iFight Shelby Marx That will be awesome I'm eager to see that iCarly will win for sure... Rebecca

Kaley Murray said...

I AM SO EXCITED FOR 8:00pm!!!!!!!!!go Carly!...but i want Shelby to win too...well at least who ever wins it wont really matter.but i wonder who will win? will it be theone and only Carly Shay...or will it be the roughest,toughest fighter ever Shelby Marx...but i also wonder how Carly and Shelby feels about this?i bet Carly is soooooooooooo nervous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....but i think Shelby feels strong,really mad,and feels like punching Carly once and knocking her out in the first cople of seconds...i hope that doesnt happen...ill try not to think about though...sometimes i do but ill get over it just sooooooo excited about this fight between Carly and Shelby!!!!!!my brother cant wait either.i wish i had a time-machine so i could fast forward to tonight at 8:00pm...THAT WOULD BE SOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!! i also wish i could meet Carly,Shelby,Sam,Fredy, and Spencer.that would also be soooooo awesome!!!!!!GO CARLY SHAY AND SHELBY MARX!!!!!!"peace!!!!!!!"

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