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www.iCarly.com WebShow - My last visit with my daughter to this Web site was awesome because of the among of great and fun content we found. Well I have to say that my daughter is a huge fan of iCarly.com webshow and the main character played by the marvelous Miranda Cosgrove. She's been a fan since the beginning. There is so much information that you can see, like video clips of the popular Nickelodeon TV series and blogs about each character of the TV Show. On the Web site www.icarly.com, you will be able to find free online games to play and learn more about your favorite TV character.

iCarly.com is well design and really easy to navigate throught different menu sections where you can find quickly what you're looking for. Moreover, there is a space where you can send your owns funny videos which will be selected and published later on. Definetly alot of content and sections where you can follow your favorite character on: videos, news, blogs, images, wallpapers and also goodies for the joy of every fans.

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