Panama Monster - What is that ?

Hoax? joke? Or something else? Maybe from out of space! Here's a new web sensation about an unknown animal monster found in Panama. This is starts to have a really small buzz on the Internet. The population of little town of Cerro Azul in Panama is amazed by this discovery. According to a group of teenagers boys, the monster animal just jump in front of them along the seaside. They were surprise and scared to being attacked. In fear they beat him to death and they throw its body along the shore.

The strange animal, with white skin, at first glance looks like the Montauk Monster found last year on the US Coast. Hope he wasn't saying before he was beaten to death these words in his own language: I've come in peace to meet you humble earthlings... Nooooo.... Mystery creature s body found in Panama

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1 comment:

The Monster said...

Haha That's funny!!! It's a Hoax definitively!

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