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www.DisneyXD.com - Disney XD Channel. Www.Disneyxd.com is a Disney's new boys-targeting website that offers online games and videos for kids, and information on TV shows including Aaron Stone and many other great action heroes. There is a lot of action on Disney XD with the super heroes, they are the most courageous and strongest heroes on TV always looking for adventures. These super heroes are on the new Disney Channel - DisneyXD each Saturday afternoon. A 2 hours of great action with the best action fiction and animation. Heroes and crime fighting online game character such as Aaron Stone virtual reality! “Aaron Stone” series is the first series of the Disney studios produced exclusively for Disney XD. Star Kelly Blatz (Hero Rising avatar and real-live secret named"Aaron Stone."). The same Kelly Blatz will star at the beginning of 2010 in a new first DisneyXD movie called “Skyrunners, the Odyssey of the Burns Brothers”, the first movie produced by Disney XD Disney Channel. That will be awesome!

Web: http://disney.go.com/disneyxd/

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