James Cameron Avatar: The Game by Ubisoft

James Cameron Avatar: the game by Ubisoft is the video edition of the film by James Cameron possessing the same name. Ubisoft Montreal is in the process of developing the title. They announced that they will use the same 3D technology used in the making of the film. The game is set on the alien planet in the film known as Pandora. There is also the Na’vi who are the native people living on this planet.

Ubisoft declared on 24th July, 2007 that they will be developing Avatar: the Game collaborating with James Cameron even as he continues to do the film. James Cameron the director also declared that the movie will be creating a rich world of conflict, character and detail like no other. He said that this is the exact raw material that will be transferred into the game also to give gamers around the world one that is rich in ideas, visuals and challenging to play. We are quite unsure whether Zoe Saldana or Sam Worthington, lead actors will be adding their voice to the game. The developers have promised a totally varied experience. MovieScore Magazine announced on 27th August, 2009 that Chance Thomas had been contracted to compose the music for the game. It is also not clear if the score might consist of some of the musical themes in the movies composed by James Horner.

James Cameron Avatar: the game by Ubisoft has some unique 3D capabilities. The game’s head of international branding, Luc Duchaine declared that the game will need a HDMI output coupled with a 120Hz set so that it can display the 3D effects very well. Furthermore, it was declared that the Wii adaptation will use the Jade engine of Ubisoft during a Nintendo Power interview. Confirmation that the PC edition of the game supports 3D capabilities as well was reached with the release of the PC demo.

The Executive Director of S-3D Gaming Alliance, Neil Schneider has also announced that NVIDIA has created a proprietary way for NVIDIA’s GeForce 3D Vision which makes for right and left images to be passed straight from the game engine into the display of the PC. Until the coming of Avatar, this was a major constraint in the game industry. However, they did not need enhancements with other solutions like interlaced displays, Iz3d monitors, and dual output projectors as gamers had full control of output.

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nintendo dsi r4 said...

Cameron not only sets new standards for the use of computer-generated imagery special effects but also the use of 3-D photography, which has a full depth-of-field and is integral to the texture and sensory impact of Avatar.

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