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iCarly is a show about a couple of girls who run a website from Carly’s house. She is helped in this by one of her neighbors and the boy is a computer expert. He is in love with her partner and best friend who is also part of the web show where their classmates and fans communicate with them. Carly lives with her brother who is crazy and does all kinds of stupid things all the time. The icraly website is about this television show and the actors in it.

The icraly website is full of information about the show and the actors too. They have information on episodes that have passed and episodes that will come. They even have a contest where the fans can pick the best episode they have seen. The carly.com has several blogs where you can share with all the actors and their fans. You can also ask them questions and get real answers from them. There is a game section, a song section and a picture gallery too. The pictures found in the iCarly website are from the show and also from the actors outside the show.

There is a very interesting section where visitors can upload their own videos and if they are funny they may be shown on the real show, on the air, on television all over the world. That Is absolutely cool. The iCarly website  i carly nickelodeon has another special section where the fans and visitors can upload funny pictures of themselves which are added and kept in a special gallery after they have been on the home page for a couple of days.

Clean fun and entertainment for children who watch this show, absolutely great design. If you are a fan of any of the actors the iCarly website carly com has a news section which tells you when that actor will be available to chat with you and answer your questions. This could be an unforgettable experience for a true lover of this show and its actors.

Web: http://www.nick.com/shows/icarly/

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