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Disney Channel.com - Disney Channel Website. The mention of the name Disney is enough to fill the minds of young children with all sorts of fantasies. To them it is the world where all their favorite Disney characters come to life. Visiting such a place like Disney land would throw most kids into a frenzy of excitement. The company has been such a success with kids and teens alike that it has continued to offer new characters and shows for their enjoyment. Apart from that it has its own channel on different global TV networks, the most common being DSTV.

On DSTV it is known as the Disney channel and airs popular shows such as the Hannah Montana series played by the now famous Miley Cyrus. The channel offers many fun and entertaining as well as educative shows daily like Cory in the House, Upin and Ipin and Stitch just to mention a few. The Disney channel website even offers more fun and entertainment. It allows users to play fun games with their favorite characters and even live their lives! Players can log on and play with other players or play their computers. Some games allow the users to interact in virtual cities and can make their characters do almost anything they want them to. It is also a source of movie and series trivia, you can listen to your favorite tunes or even get to watch some episodes. The Disney channel website will also give you episode guides for your favorite series and awesome alerts as to what’s new on the channel! As if that’s not enough there are offers and great prizes to be won. The website even offers the chance for lucky winners to appear as guest stars on their favorite shows.

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