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Speedy Rewards™ is all about getting more. It improves your day to day experiences with Speedway as well as SuperAmerica convenience store! Each and every time a purchase is made, this excludes a few restricted items, the buyer straight away start getting points that earns him or her great gasoline discounts (wherever applicable) along with some free merchandise. And that’s not the end of the story. The points will also transform into coupons that result in precious savings.

And it’s really amazing how you get all that just in exchange of using a Speedy Rewards membership card in a store or at a pump! Also, you may choose to directly review and/or cash in your points just by making use of redemption terminal of Speedy Rewards which are located in various stores around the nation.

You can easily earn rewards you cherish! You get to earn your points each time you’re shopping at Speedway and/or any SuperAmerica stores. This means you’ll be on your way towards your deserving rewards, in addition to what you want. Just be at your liberty while choosing from juicy rewards like – 

• Free food items
• Free gas
• Free gift card
• Free dinners for a couple (only at Applebee's™ and TGI Fridays)

You can earn much free stuff automatically. Here’s how… as a honorable member of Speedy Rewards, you are by now within the club. Each and every time you’re making a qualifying purchase, you are getting a step closer towards a free hot/cold beverage. You will also qualify for a free car wash and even further bonus points.

Let’s not take a look at the Personalized Members-Only Deals. You will be entitled to get coupons that are meant particularly for you. You can amass valuable savings just by making use of your Speedy Rewards Card every time you’re shopping! You get to earn more and more bonus points when you’re purchasing their Gold Star Featured Products. And there’s much more waiting for you out there! speedway.com/SpeedyRewards

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