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Etonline.com happens to be a Hollywood based website patronized by the CBS Television. Before we talk about www.ETONLINE.com Website, let’s take a look at the scenes behind the scene! The domain name is interesting, but etonline.com got originally registered on mid September of 1997. So it earned a Google Page Rank of 7/10. Its Traffic Estimate rank was 4,813 and the estimated visit per moth exceeded 1,880,000!

According to stats from Alexa, this website currently has a rank of 9,325. Among all US sites, it’s ranked 2,222 now. Would you believe that this website currently has over 4,000 external sites linking back to it? The topmost categories for etonline.com include –

• News
• Media
• Entertainment News
• Entertainment Tonight

Etonline.com now targets those keywords as well as phrases with solid SEO like - entertainment tonight, entertainment or entertanement, tonight or tonite." Just in the way the TV show, the website is a huge hype and gives you all the same fun and excitement. You get to see a world full of celebrities, movies, fashion types and much more! The website is far-reaching with exotic stories and interesting articles. There are high resolution photos of the stars too.

You get to see major sections titled as -
• Celebs
• Movies
• Television
• Fashion
• Music
• Blogs
• Galleries
• And games

There’s an interesting logo at the left corner featuring pictures of all the hosts. Excitement is waiting for you if you just click ET tonight! You’ll also find a nice search box that you may use to look up all stars featuring there. The bottom line is, there is no lack of vibrant fun here… just take the instance of that funky title that says Crazy in Love: Hollywood’s Hottest Couples. And these are just a few glimpses about ETONLINE.com website. To get the whole idea, you got to hit it personally!

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