The 3-D Movies Hype

There was a time when huge crowd of people used to gather in open air theatres and other places in order to get entertained by the acts performed by different actors on a writing of a writer. It used to be one of the major sources of entertainment during the times there was no electricity to power even a bulb. Then as the technology advanced and there came the advent of electricity and slowly radios came in and people found a new way of getting entertained after a little time TVs were born and people enjoyed the sound along with the picture which radios were not able to. With TVs the film making industry started growing more as now people were able to watch the movies within the premises of their homes. Movies/films also went a certain evolution as they travelled a journey from being black and white then colored and finally the evolution reached the maxim of 3D movies.

Apart from TVs people also prefer watching movies in the theatres as well where they can experience the real impact of a 3D movie in a better way. 3D movies nowadays attract millions of people to the theatres not only the movie itself earns but also provides more than enough funds for the theatre as well. During the recession when every business was facing downwards and most of them even closed down it was the film industry that had no impact of the recession and it was still doing good even at the times of recession and that is all due to the 3D movies. Many surveys conducted and reports produced prove this fact. The tickets of movies such as Avatar by James Cameron and other 3D movies were more costly than a usual movie ticket as they required special 3D vision glasses. Even people who had no interest or very little interest in going to theatres to watch the movies spent extra cash to buy tickets because of the hype that was created by these 3D movies.

Many critics claimed that it won’t take much time before the people can actually come out of the hype of 3D movies while many believe that this won’t be the case as more and more people will be attracted towards 3D movies after the recession is over. Let’s wait and see what the future of 3D movies will be whether people will accept to spend extra cash in order to watch these brilliant movies or will they just sit back and save their money and miss all the fun there is in watching a 3D movie. 

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