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Do not make a trip to Disney World blindly because with the iPhone, all that you need will be provided for you right where you are. There are full, life-size maps of the magic world of Disney. There is no shortage to the number of surprises that you are going to find here. Incase you need to know where you are, the iPhone GPS will pinpoint to you your exact location. Having taken their appeal and trade further, there are the Disney iPhone apps where you will have the whole of the Disney world of magic in your palm.

Did you know that there are about 160 restaurants at Disney world in Orlando? In case you are wondering where to eat, the Disney world dining app will be what you need for your iPhone. With the GPS, you will be able to locate the nearest restaurant to your location without any hassle. The good thing about this app is that it is only sold for not more than $3.00. Of course when you buy it in combination with other Disney world apps, the price could go even lower.

There is also the Disney app that comes with a special feature called Click to Life. This one is offered for free to all Disney World lovers where they can download very many bonus animations of various Disney characters through their iPhone. Any Disney theme that pleases you, you are going to find it in this app that is free of charge and which is available to all users through iTunes. The purpose of the Disney iPhone apps is to broaden the fan base and at least give back to committed fans that have always supported Disney world.

The Disney app also includes 17 other Disney related applications that are available to all iPhone users.

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