2011 Oscars Ceremony - 83rd Annual Academy Awards

There are a number of genres that are nominated for the 2011 Oscars ceremony - 83rd Annual Academy Awards. There is a movie that has been directed by Tom Hooper known as ‘King’s speech’ which has received 12 nominations. Some of the nomination that the movie has received include; best actors, best supporting actress and best picture. The second movie has received 10 nominations. The title of the movie is ‘true grit. This movie has been nominated for the best directors (Coen brothers), best actor (Jeff Bridges) and the best supporting actress (Hailee Steinfeld). The third nominees are both social network and inception which received 8 nominations.

The standards of the Oscars ceremony require originality. There are some movies that are rejected because of emphasizing on the existing music. There are suggestions that the academy should have two categories of music. The first category should be dealing with the original music. The other category should be looking at the incorporation of music in a movie and determine its suitability. In most cases, an animated film does not receive the honor of being the best picture. However, ‘toy story 3’ is an animated film which has received nominations. It seems that the competition in the Oscars ceremony will be stiff as 3 films have been nominated in the animated film.

2011 Oscars ceremony will be held on 27th February which will be on a Sunday. The location of the ceremony is at Kodak Theatre which is in Hollywood. This ceremony attracts a lot of attention from all over the world. The number of the estimated audience is about a hundred million people. The red carpet show will be very exciting and fun. It will provide you an opportunity to meet with Hollywood celebrities. This is a day where many people make fashion statements through their dress code.

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