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Disney is the name behind fantasy worlds that have inspired the young and young at heart for decades to always dream, have fun and believe in love and ‘happily ever after’. One of the things that many people love about Disney.Com website is the fact that you can enjoy everything that they have to offer in one location. For those that enjoy cartoons, family movies, books, music and television that is inspired by the Disney brand, then this is the first place to look.
A fascinating thing about Disney.Com website is that you can choose your location so you can enjoy what Disney has to offer in your home country. Once you select your location, you will be greeted by color and a user friendly home page. The first thing you will see is future Disney film releases as well as interviews with celebrities like Toy Story 3 star, Tom Hanks. There are also links to other yet to be released shows and films that you can enjoy at the cinema, the Disney channel and even DVD.
There are so many fascinating things about Disney.Com website (http www.disney.com). You will be able to see a listing of live events like concerts and award shows. You will also be able to learn more about the theme parks and any other information relevant to your visit there. TV, music and movies can also be found here so you are not left out of the Disney entertainment being released like DVDs, music, films and many more. The store lets you own a piece of Disney. Disney.Com definitely has something for everyone.

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