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Media is a broad term which refers to the medium of passing or disseminating of information usually to a large number of people. The term is also used to refer to the institutions, firms and companies who carry on media business. The internet, News Papers, Televisions and radio are the most common forms of media. With the recent technological development and almost everything turning digital, the media has not been left behind. Today, many newspapers can be read, television channels watched and favorite radio stations listened to over the internet across the world. The digital evolution of media has made the world a global village; events happening across the world are easily and quickly communicated to different people in different parts across the world quickly. Nowadays accessing the internet means accessing the world news. Search engines like bing or Google place the world headlines at top such that they can easily be accessed to by many.

Digital evolution of the media in the United States and all over the world generally has reached levels in which no one would have predicted about two decades ago. Today, 24 hour movies, videos, programs and other media systems can only be fitted in a single small DVD diskette. Laptops which are basically portable computers are also a very great step in digital evolution of the media. The USB device is another considerable stride in the digital evolution of the media. Most electronics including radios, televisions, computers and laptops are manufactured with USB ports. The flash disk which is a removable and portable device can store a lot of information, videos, music and games. 
The media has evolved quickly after the U.S congress allowed for the privatization of television production industry and other forms of media in the spirit of protecting the freedom of speech and the freedom of media all of which are guaranteed and protected by the U.S. constitution in its first amendment.
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