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Mass media refers to all those entities which communicate or disseminate information to a large portion of the population. Mass media has considerably entrenched technology it its activities and today it is not only the main source of information but also a form of leisure, fun and recreation. Traditionally people and especially teens, used to spend their leisure time in the fields; nowadays leisure is mostly browsing, playing online games or watching the television.

Different people have different opinions about mass media technologies and its effects upon the development of the society. Some opine that mass media technological development is good for the society since every thing is revolving with the global technological development.

Some people hold the view that mass media technology is nurturing irresponsible future generation for the society. The reason behind this is that the young generation spends much of its time on leisure; playing online games, watching videos and movies, watching television and some of them are expected to irresponsible behaviors like watching pornography which is readily available, easy to access and plenty over the internet. Though this former one is generally accepted as bad and irresponsible, the latter ones may be good for the development of young kids. Many early childhood development experts are of the view that leisure is very good for both the physical and mental development of children and mass media technologies offer these in the right quantities.

The above notwithstanding, mass media technology has far much advantages than disadvantages towards global development. Traditionally, communication is one of the major methods of conducting business and mass media technology has made this easy, faster and cheap across the world.

Due to mass media technological development, investors and traders can easily and readily access information on the political situation, economic situation and the weather or any other required information of the countries or places they want to visit or conduct business.

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