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www.gasbuddy.com ? Americans are discovering to their dismay that the price of gasoline is rising all over the country, foreshadowing a summer of costly fuel use. But resistance is organized through the United States. Pressed by the increasing and alarming oil gas prices at the pump, Americans starting to change their habits on gas consumption. Thus public transport and covoiturage gain in popularity. Obviously, like everywhere else, this increase touches the people with the weakest incomes. Web sites even were born to help drivers manage this enormous peak. Some of them refer the gas price at the pump day to day, at the local level. As “Houston Gas Price” which provides the day price gallon for the town of Houston,Texas. Others best deal at a national level, like GasBuddy.com, which have a traffic close to million visitors per day (against 200.000 last month) or also GasPriceWatch.com. These websites are more than useful because the price difference can reach 40 cents.

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You're right gasbuddy.com is a great website. It's a good reference.

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