Cyber Monday Online Holiday Shopping Season

Cyber Monday - American consumers spent 733 million dollars on online shopping during the Monday following Thanksgiving 2007, This special day is called the Cyber Monday and launches the holidays online purchases season. It is the rush of Cyber Monday ads on merchant Websites like,,,,,, and other well known online stores. Cyber Monday is a fascinating American phenomenon. Expanding on from the Black Friday of shopping madness and spending spree the Americans indulge online the day after Thanksgiving, the following Monday has now been nicknamed Black Monday or Cyber Monday. It is very simple, after the agitated and disturbing experience of the Thanksgiving shopping spree, people return to the office and prefer to order online. Interesting facts: a majority (60%) of the purchases in 2007 holidays shopping would have been made online directly from the working office. In these hard economic times, I wonder whether the online buyers will be as numerous as last year? I've just finish watching on CNN Stephanie Nelson the Online coupon specialist from and she was telling the viewers that although the hard economic times we are living right now, people can save a lot by changing their buyer habits.

There is many online coupon promotion codes Cyber Monday or Black Friday that you can find easily online by a simple search in Google, like the search term: Printable Coupons "name of the store" or even Cyber Monday Deals, Cyber Monday sales, Black Friday Coupons and these Online Printable Coupons can make you save up to 50% of the price.

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Anonymous said...

Savings is important in this hard times Cyber Monday 2008 will be for me a special time for great savings

Anonymous said...

Hope there will be great deals on this Cyber Monday 2008 I'm waiting for this special day for buying all my family and friends gifts

Anonymous said...

Amazon Cyber Monday Deals 2008

Anonymous said...

Cyber Monday 2008 I'm still waiting this morning for great online deals but I found nothing interesting yet.

Anonymous said...

My connection is so slow this morning probably to many people rushing online for those special Online deals on Cyber Monday 2008

Elsa said...

Cyber Monday is the start of the online holiday shopping season.!! I too did lot of online shopping this season.

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