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Oprah's Book Club – a few facts - www.oprah.com. Oprah's Book Club is a famous discussion club on books. It is an integral part of Oprah Winfrey’s famous talk show - oprah.com -. This club highlights books that are chosen exclusively by Oprah Winfrey herself. She began her Oprah's Book Club in the mid 1990s. She picked a freshly published novel for her viewers. She had them read it discussed that book each month on Oprah BookClub.

Due to the wide popularity of this book club, a lot of obscure titles turned out to be famous bestsellers. Some books experienced sales hike by a couple of million copies. Amongst the media enthusiasts and writers, this is widely familiarized to be the Oprah effect. As for an instance, books like ‘The Deep End of the Ocean’, or The Road, or The Reader achieved extremely high level of success following Oprah’s selection and discussion of those books in her Oprah's Book Club. Would you believe that these books had later been adapted into movies? It was in 2007, when this club earned the rare honor of facing the 1st ever on-camera interviewing of Cormac McCarthy.

Oprah's Book Club has been as well related to a number of famous literary controversies like public dissatisfaction expressed by Jonathan Franzen regarding his novel titled The Corrections – which Winfrey chose for her discussion. If you turn to the currently infamous event of the memoir of James Frey, the 2005 selection titled A Million Little Pieces was criticized as partially fabricated. This controversy in particular resulted in a direct confrontation between Oprah and Frey. Winfrey made them ashamed in public. That was however another one of Winfrey’s famous live episodes.

Oprah's Book Club’s initial selection came in 1996. It was about a novel. Winfrey went on selecting 1 single book per month - Oprah's book club list -. This trend went on for the following 6 years. It was in 2002 when this book club was discontinued. And Winfrey gave her explanations regarding this. She stated that it was not possible for her any more to allocate enough time for the reading, but she did enjoy glancing through contemporary novels. Then it was 2003, when the Oprah's Book Club was revived. But the book selection was much limited that it used to be. Winfrey was seen to select no more than 3 to 4 books in a year - Oprah's book club list.

The focus of Oprah's Book Club was once more turned to fiction in 2007. After she focused on the The Road (written by the famous writer Cormac McCarthy), this book earned the honor of Pulitzer Prize.

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