- Best Job in the World winner needs friends - Best Job in the World winner needs friends. Would you like to win the most wonderfull vacation of your life? Well do you remember the online buzz for a job on a Australian Paradise Island a few months ago, where after a worldwide popular search, Ben Southall was chosen as Tourism Queensland’s Islands Caretaker for the best job in the world. Well, Tourism Queensland’s Islands are recruiting again. Indeed the Queensland Australian state prime minister has announced this week that they are seeking for four more candidates. There will be a drawing next month. The winner of this contest will have the possibility to invite three friends to stay with him for the rest of the year. The prize: an all-expenses-paid holiday to the Great Barrier Reef for the rest of the year. These four friends will have the most wonderful vacation of their life. The team will be exploring these wonderful landscapes with the caretaker of the islands. Like Mr.

islandreefjobSouthall said in his last video that exploring hundreds of island alone is an impossible task. I think Mr.Southall need friends, that's why Tourism Queensland has decided to extend its hugely successful Best Job in the World campaign to find the Englishman four mates to help him explore the Sunshine State. Visit the official www islandreefjob com for sweepstakes administration rules for Island Caretaker Helpers!

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