GI Joe Action Movie

Movies have always been the favorite way to pass time of many people as they really love to spend time to watch the movies which sure is fun to watch in the multiplex cinemas which make the experience more fun filled and enjoyable sitting in your luxury seats and watching all the excitement. The graphics and the Audio of these cinemas make it a much exciting experience and if the sound and graphics are as good as in the picture GI- Joe” The Rise of The Cobra then this sure is an experience that we all should go through.

Watching your old cartoon characters of your childhood come to life and play the action pack heroes that you so worshipped is truly an amazing feeling. The action scenes and the thrilling excitement makes you excited enough to increase your blood flow and you get all worked up. The scene with the Young Snake eyes and the young Shadow were really amazing and kept me glued to the screen.

The rise Of the Cobra brings back the replicate experience that you had with your action figures in your pre-teenage. I team is a Multi national team and ahs a secret base in the desert underground and they wear armor suits and have all the helicopters and aero planes they need. The actors were really very good as these are actor who even brings class to characters that are based on toys.

The Baroness is out there to blow up whatever come sin its way. All the enemies are really grouped together and are trying their best to blow up things in the most destructive way. There are many flash backs of the Storm Shadow and Snake Eye characters in their youth and shows how they used to beta up each other .

The plot of the movie is exactly like the cartoon story GI Joe‘s employees have personal contacts with the enemy and he just ignores it in the film. The enemy Destro, as he has been known throughout the GI Joe’s movies at its hideout starts manufacturing his latest technology weapons never tried out before. He calls it the nano-mites which are locked up in 4 missiles that can set out a nuclear war at any instance in time. These as they are being transported are tried to get hold of by some other assassins who have been ready to blow down whole jungles and anything else in their way to get the power to control everyone.

Although many people have reported the new GI Joe movie to be not as good as they expected as their favorite Dennis Quaid seemed to be given a much smaller part compared to many others and the graphics had seen much criticism throughout the movie. But all in the entire movie would still prove to be a much exuberant watch for not only the new generation with its action and thrills but also be a reminiscence for the grown ups of their favorite cartoon characters of all times.

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