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CartoonNetwork Clone Wars – Star Wars Online Games  Kids love animation and science fiction. So it’s not wonder that The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network came out to be a major success in terms of popularity. This show is packed with exciting action for kids as well as some kiddie humor. Today, it is hard to find kids who do not know that The Clone Wars premieres Friday night on Cartoon Network. And trust me; it’s a really exiting show for the kids.

The original feature film had premiered during last summer. Unfortunately, it did not receive very positive reviews. Some critics said that it was trying to take Star Wars back to the youthful roots. Some of the hard-core fans were willing to see an end of it for dealing with the underlying CGI effort. So it did seem that the majority of the reviewers along with the upset fans felt that this movie was pretty juvenile, as well as trash-compacted (

Folks were pretty disappointed with this Star Wars film as it resembled a lot with the traditional The Incredibles or Fantastic Planet. Eventually, many seemed to forget what star wars was all about.

Now let us turn to the premiere episode of Friday night. Firstly, The CartoonNetwork Clone Wars airs with little commercial interruptions. So it did manage to pick up right where the previous animated movie was left off. The version on the Cartoon Network has an ongoing flow of hi-voltage action as well as humor. The entire thing was meant for below-12. So these are not meant for adult.

Viewers are aware of the fun load they are about to get even before they actually sit down for watching Clone Wars. The whole thing comes through the crystal prism of a highly childish spirited Star Wars. The whole thing revolves around lightsaber battles taking place between the great Jedi and the vicious Sith beside major pitched battles taking place between clones as well as battle droids.

Throughout the game, the heroes will seem sincere, dedicated yet stiff. And villains on the show are look pretty well-conceived and/or visually striking — especially when it comes to General Grievousness.

Unfortunately, the armies of Grievous’ droid typically come with hesitant comedic relief. They all seem rather skillful at getting killed as well as complaining about the whole thing rather than striving hard to wipe out Jedi. But overall, The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network is emerging with enthusiasm and hype.

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