The Lost Symbol Dan Brown New Book

The Lost Symbol Dan Brown New Book - The Dan Brown’s new novel, the eagerly awaited The Lost Symbol initialy under the name of "the solomon key" will be released today throughout the country and the UK also, the fans of those kind religious thrillers will be able to get today the awaited third novel about Robert Langdon new quest. After Angels and Demons, who had a mixed success in cinemas this summer the film was about a plot surrounding The Vatican and the Illuminati secret society, matter Dan Brown or antimatter, kind of scientific religious thriller. But first there was the Da Vinci Code which had created a controversy at the time of its publication and a huge buzz throughout the world, here that Dan Brown covers an american mystery: Georges Washington and the Freemasons. The manuscript, jealously kept by the editor, and intrigues it of this third shutter of the trilogy of the adventures of Robert Langdon, was not revealed to the public. But there was a scavenger hunt going on for the fans to find clues and codes related to this new novel.


I've heard also that the city of Washington DC have put online a special section dedicated to The Lost Symbol novel and making it possible for the fans to visit the places described in favorite author new novel The Lost Symbol. Again Dan Brown has created a huge buzz surrounding his new novel, hoping this new one will be as good as The DaVinci Code because Angels and Demons had disappointed me a little.

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