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iCarly Web Show www icarly com - The iCarly Show happens to be one of the most successful kid’s shows of modern times. Its success over the years has been truly notable. It even managed to earn an Emmy Award nomination in the television series category. On Nickelodeon iCarly com, that premiered on 8th September, 2007. The iCarly web Show firstly appeared on YTV just one month afterward. For the first time ever, this show had been aired on many kids’ favorite - Nickelodeon UK (it was the time of Easter 2008) and Nickelodeon Australia (in mid 2008). in Canada go to www.icarly.ca

You see a couple of embroiling teens starring in the series, namely -

• Miranda Cosgrove
• Jennette McCurdy
• Nathan Kress and
• Jerry Trainor

The creator and executive producer of this film is Dan Schneider. The iCarly Show revolves around a girl called Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) who impressively creates her very own online show popularly known to be iCarly. She has her best and cuddly friends Sam (Jennette McCurdy) as well as Freddie (Nathan Kress). Here’s an account on the key characters.

• Carly Shay (her real name is Miranda Cosgrove) is a teen star who hosts her popular online show, iCarly. She does all the job of producing the web show with her 2 best pals, Sam & Freddie.

• Samantha Puckett (her real name is Jennette McCurdy) is also known as "Sam". She happens to be among the closest buddies of Carly and she also does the job of iCarly’s co-host.

• Fredward Benson (his real name is Nathan Kress) is also known as "Freddie". He is another one of Carly's best friends. He plays the role of the show’s technical producer. In the show, he is also the neighbor of Carly.

• Spencer Shay (his real name is Jerry Trainor) is the elder brother of Carly and now ages 26 years. In the iCarly Show, he performs the role of Carly’s legal guardian.

• Marissa Benson (her real name is Mary Scheer) is the neurotic mom of Freddie.

• Nevel Papperman (his real name is Reed Alexander) happens to be the cheery critic who just turned 11. He is a nerd himself and runs his own website that reviews many other websites. He is the archenemy of Carly, and made repeated efforts to wreck iCarly.

• Gibby Carlson (his real name is Noah Munck) plays the role of Carly’s classmate. She is also the classmate of Sam, and Freddie.

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