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One of the huge hits with regards to series these days on American television is that which features Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly). Moreover, Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly) features in the series as Megan on “Drake and Josh”. This is indeed another of the great hits from the Nickelodeon. The series is made up of other casts like Jennette McCurdy who is acting as Carly’s best friend Sam. There is also another cast known as Nathan Kress who is acting as the one who plays the lovesick techno geek called Freddie. Also there is Jerry who is quite popular for his role as the Crazy Steve on Drake and Josh.

The story is fashioned in this way where Sam the best friend of Carly took the picture of their teacher and photoshoped it on a rhinoceros. The teacher known as Ms. Briggs later found out and then asked Carly to come to school on Saturday to conduct all the talent show auditions for the school. The two of them which is Sam and Carly then started making fun of their teacher during these auditions but Freddie started taping them when he realized this. Freddie then wanted to download these auditions onto the web.

Instead of downloading the auditions onto the web, he screwed up and rather downloaded the video that features the two of them making fun of Ms. Briggs. Within this time over 23,000 people had seen this tape on the web already but these people rather claimed that they loved that video and wanted it maintained. Carly, Freddie and Sam then decided to do their own show and then called it iCarly. It was a very great success and this lead to the situation where now Sam and Carly became stars on their own web show.

The concept of the series iCarly is very interesting not to talk about the cast which includes the ever performing Miranda Cosgrove (icraly). This is one of the very few shows that like to marry television broadcasting to webcasting in order to make it attractive to the increasing population of kids that are ‘wired’. All over the internet, there are available already iCarly fan websites made up of very huge numbers of people. They go on this website and then are able to make their own video so that it will be sent to iCarly and maybe seen on television. Miranda Cosgrove Bio

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