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www icarly com - There is no doubt that one of the fascinating shows now on television is the Nickelodeon’s ICarly Web Show which is watched by numerous people. Initially the series was committed to only about 13 episodes which were then raised to 20 episodes. Thereafter it was then increased to 40 episodes to suit the desires of the watching public. The executive produces is none other than Dan Schneider who also led in the production of Drake and Josh. It is therefore of no surprise that this one is also a big hit among a whole lot of people.

The concept of the movie series is very powerful as it is able to marry television broadcasting to webcasting to appeal to the vast population of kids that are very much interested. One of the fascinating things about this program is the fact that you can watch the show and then see a webcast that is embedded in the show. Indeed it is even possible for kids to visit the website and then in the process of being creative, make their video which they can send to iCarly for it to be shown on TV. This is one of the reasons why the program has become a hit.

The Nickelodeon’s ICarly Web Show is a story which is about Sam, Carly’s best friend who puts the head picture of their teacher, Ms. Briggs on the body of a rhinoceros. After being found out, Carly rather takes the blame because Sam had a bad record and would have been expelled from the school. The punishment was then to conduct all the talent shows on Saturdays which Carly then helps Sam to do. Freddie was their friend who tapes the audition for the records. During the show they will normally make fun of their teacher which Freddie still records on the tape.

When it came to the time when the videos for the auditions had to be downloaded to the web, things went sour. Freddie made the mistake of rather uploading the wrong footage of Sam and Carly making fun of their teacher by which time they realized about 23,000 people had already seen it. However, people responded positively and the three of them decided that they will do their own show and name it the i karly iCarly show. It works out fine and they now become stars

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