About Robert Pattinson

Seeing that he is already a public figure of high repute, there is nothing about Robert Pattinson that has not been said either by the tabloids, television and radio. One rare complete package as you ever did see, this man is an accomplished actor, guitar and piano player, musician as well as composer all in one.

Many times now, he has topped the list of the world’s highest paid people as well as topping that of the sexiest men alive. Every big time producer on the silver screen has been after him but only a privileged few have been able to get him on their payroll.

But perhaps what has made him so famous is his role in the Twilight Saga novel movie adaptations, Harry Potter and Goblet of fire, to name but just a few of the many roles that he has played.

Born in 1986 and of English origins, his mother Claire worked for a modeling agency in London while his father Richard used to import vintage cars from the USA and sell them in London. The third born in a family of three is now ranked as one of the most powerful celebrities in the world.

As well as being a darling of the conventional media, the internet too has got loads of information about this charismatic actor, musician and composer. But so far, the fame has not gotten to his head despite his being one of the highest paid actor in Hollywood now.

There is a charitable side to the man as he proved when Haiti was hit by an earthquake and he autographed a guitar that was sold for lots of money on internet market sites. All that money went to the cause. Today, he is being touted as the next Jude Law which is just as well seeing as to how he played so good a role as Edward Cullen in the twilight Episode. There is nothing about Robert Pattinson that has been left unsaid.

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