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Understanding the history of Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2011 - Kids Choice Awards. With more than a quarter of a century of nurturing television stars, the 2011 or 27th edition of the Kids Choice Awards is set to be one of its kind next spring.  KCA Awards - www.nick,com/kca  - The show is made popular because it has served as a launch pad for most the greatest actors and actresses. This is where Britney Spears was made!

Even as many people show enthusiasm over the show, it is important to be aware of the history of the program. Started in 1984 by three gentlemen, Alan Goodman, Seibert Fred and Albei Hecht, it was initially referred to as the ‘The Big Ballot’ in 1986 because of the balloting. All these are made possible through the viewers of the Nickelodeon channel TV. The prize has also been a motivation for most of the competitors. The orange carpet on which the young heroes get to collect their orange blimp and the kaleidoscope like logo outline are inspiring prizes.

The KCA - Kids Choice Awards 2011 just like the predecessor of the year 2010, it seeks to promote social and environmental change that will benefit many people. Should we expect another big one like the ‘The Big Green Award’? The competition in KCA - Kids Choice Awards 2010 has been greater with the entry of the Canadian population.

The program has been traditionally hosted in the Los Angeles, California. Some of the most memorable hosts include Whitney Houston, Jack Black, Leonardo DiCaprio and Rosie O’Donnell. Rosie O’Donnell also appears in the whole of fame of award winners. This is truly the churning point for the celebs of tomorrow. You have got to not only watch the 2011 awards, but also be sure to participate in the voting. 

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