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One thing that you should know about website is that it is a group made of local sites. The site is very beneficial to visitors. It offers a method whereby visitors can post or view the latest gasoline retail prices. The operating organization of the site is known as gas buddy Inc. If there is one thing which is unpredictable and unstable, it has to be gasoline prices. During these tough economic times, the fuel prices are rising constantly. It is essential to save some cash during these tough times. This is the reason why the website is increasingly becoming popular. Many visitors at www gasbuddy com rely on the site to look for the places where they can purchase the fuels at lowest prices.
The main founders of gas buddy organization are Jason Toews and Dustin Coupal. The two formed the site,, which was meant to be a collection of several sites. The site was mainly designed for visitors to share prices of fuel. This helps the visitor to make a wise decision regarding where to purchase the fuel from. In June 2000, the organization gas buddy developed their first site. It is important to know that the site changed the mode by which people were shopping for gasoline. There are many people who visit website. Some post the gas prices while others check for the lowest price. This helps in saving cash for most visitors.
Another issue that you should know about website is that it provides free services. In order to cover for the expenses of the organization, they depend on adverts from the sponsors. The funds are used in development of the website. There is tremendous growth that is being experienced by the website. In fact, in North America, this is the site that is highly relied on when it comes to fuel prices. 

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Mae J. said...

I've used that site before, or one very similar and it even tells you when the site's prices were updated.

Probably one of the most useful sites around right now.

Anonymous said... website is a great and reliable site. You'll always an updated gasoline retail price in America. Keep the good work Gas Buddy

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