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www.pottermore.com - What is Potter More? This is mysterious! A new buzz just invaded the world wide web. One page with a few words and two owls on branches. POTTERMORE - coming soon and a signature almost illegible, but after a quick comparison with one of my Harry Potter's collection book, it's definitively the author of the best-selling Harry Potter series of books. J.K. Rowling seems to have endorse this promotion and launches the new site 'Pottermore' to tease us a little for regarding a special announcement in days to come. But what is it?

What could be behind this announcement? The rumor mill stir the web right now. Spreading all sorts of theories about what's hiding behind the launch of this new website www.pottermore.com. Lets take a deep breath and analyze the domain name pottermore - potter more - more potter. Eureka! There will be more Harry Potter! Seriously, if we take a look deeper at the website, we can find a copyright related to J.K. Rowling and Warners Bros. A new book, a new movie or even new characters... Who knows! But if you click on one of the owl standing on a branch, this will get you to a special youtube page announcing a special announcement in a few days. This is so mysterious, I'm so eager to see what it is. Will have to wait!

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What is PotterMore ?

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