Mystery is the website for the 39 Clues Series. At the moment while I’m writing this post there is a countdown on the website announcing to the viewers that the hunt will begin on September 9, 2008. Why all the media attention is centered on this Internet web site and this 39 Clues Series. And what exactly this concept is all about? Are we at the beginning of a new trend, a new literary phenomenon, a new kind of interaction game? Let’s find out more about this 39 Clues series.

The 39 Clues will be the title name for a series of ten books which will be published over two years. In addition to the books, there will be 355 collectible game cards, as well as an online game that will allow readers to play a part in the story and compete for prizes. The game book readers will have to solve enigmas and the great final mystery. The first one that solves this mystery will win the 10.000 dollars Grand Prize. The contest will be held over two years progressively during the period of the publication of the 10 books. Scholastic starts the hunt for The 39 Clues, on September 9, 2008. This reading with online gaming and card collecting is an interactive series created for the age 8-12 readers. The first book of this fantastic interactive multi-media adventure series “The Maze of Bones” was written by best-selling author Rick Riordan, who is scheduled to launch publication of this first book in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New-Zealand, and Canada.

The 10 books series will tell the story of the Cahills, the most powerful family the world has ever known where one of the ancestor left behind a great mystery to his descendants, a series of clues allowing solving that mystery. The family will learn along the way that they are the descendants of well known historical celebrities. Those 39 clues will bring them in a worldwide hunt within various historical contexts. This is the kind of story that gives great adrenaline for the readers. Each book will be sold with six cards. The readers will be able to then buy small pockets of 16 cards.

Scholastic is a publisher specialized in the publication of books for children and school works. The company will publish the first book, The Maze of Bones, written by Rick Riordan, on September 9th, 2008. Gordon Korman wrote the second book which will be out on January 2009, Peter Lerangis the third, publication around April 2009, then Jude Watson wrote the fourth book which will be published in July 2009. The other books of the series and their authors will be announced later on. And this 39 Clues website will be the center place, a mystery book club for the readers to be a part of this great quest adventure, where they will gain points and clues and also manage their cards or exchange them. Readers or players will also be able to ask questions to pursue their quest to the final mystery.

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Ben 10 Bounty Hunter said...

This concept is awesome. So cool! I mean the whole package: the books, the game, the website and the prizes. I heard that Steven Spielberg will probably make a movie out of this. I can't wait to read that first book. By the way nice post. I'm a regular of your blog, keep the good job.

Anonymous said...

I've been on the website already and have already solved the first 3 missions. It's awesome!

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