Great Castles of France

France is one of the most popular countries in Europe and some of the most attractive features of this country are the great castles of France. In fact, most people do say that a visit to France cannot be complete without taking a visit to these splendid castles. It is estimated that these castles generally took an average of 10yrs before being completed way back in 15th century Castles. However, of all the available great castles of France just a hand full can be viewed by the public, these are just a mere 20% the entire figure of castles found within that region. There are several tours by which one may take within the country to have a view of these splendid castles spread all across the region. One of the most popular Castles which you may come across is along Loire Valley and is known as Chambord.

Another castle which can also be found within the locality is known as Blois. Once there, one would instantly be taken from 21st to 16th century by stepping right into the splendid edifices. When taking a tour to France always seek to find out where the Loire Valley is located. This is a very magnificent region having a very extraordinary collection of chic regal mansions, very famous castles & palaces. But these castles are not just lifeless edifices with zero source of interest whatsoever. Inside great castles of France are spectacular collections of tapestries, jewelry, furniture and paintings amongst other vital ones. You shall further sample some equipment like weapons, and armory which are specially built to represent the culture of that ancient time. The d├ęcor does include quality dark wood furnishings that have been finely touched with tan & soft yellow shadings for extra class. But the most magnificent castle of them all is found along river Cher and is also considered more romantic than the others, this is the Chenonceau Castle. Construction for this castle started early in the 16th century. There are so many beautiful location chateau France in countryside with the most beautiful European landscape. 
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