Angels and Demons movie

Angels and Demons movie : The first investigation of Robert Langdon, eminent specialist in the study of the symbols. Approached by the Vatican, it must thwart a terrorist plot carried out by secret society the Illuminati. This has prequel to '' The Da Vinci Code ''. Realized by Ron Howard with Tom Hanks in the main character role, the feature film tells the adventures of Robert Langdon, a professor of Harvard University specialized in religious symbolic. This story of Dan Brown is focused more particularly on Illuminati, a scientific secret society which has just re-appeared after a four centuries eclipse and swore to destroy the Catholic church. The Angels Demons movie was initially set to Be released in December 2008, goal its production has been delayed by the Writers Guild strike As has result the movie will Be released later, on May 15, 2009.

Angels and Demons Teaser

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Anonymous said...

This is Angels and Demons Teaser not Angels and Demons Trailer. Where can I find Angels and Demons the real trailer?

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